5 Tips for Creative Marketing

Being creative in your advertising/marketing can set you and your business apart from your competition. You can be creative with your placement, message and offers or you can combine these to maximize their effectiveness! Here are 5 tips to do just that:1- Look for sponsorship opportunities! With Radio and TV sponsoring a specific show or hour can help to maximize your exposure. Weather sponsorships, news sponsorships and sports sponsorships give you that extra coverage of the spots, promos and liners, but in addition to that you have the added value that your company will be seen as bringing the general public the information they need and want throughout the day.2- Be creative with your message. We’ve all heard the cookie cutter ads. The “I’ve got the greatest widget ever come buy from me ads” there are so many of those that they begin to blend together every day on radios and TV’s across this nation. When an ad becomes background noise it is a waste of airtime and money. So keep your message fresh! Use your imagination and be creative. Use humor, sincerity, or even a change in the flow of an ad to get the consumers attention. Listen to your competitors ads and ask yourself how can I make my ads stand out from theirs? Another great question to ask yourself is how does my product solve a problem for the consumer and how can I depict that in my ad? Your advertising representative should be able to help you with this.3- Make your commercial unique and keep it fresh- This can be done in many ways. I encourage my clients to use branding to make their ads stand out. This can be achieved through a tag line that is unique to your business or a specific sound heard in each of your ads, and/or using a specific voice in all your ads. In most commercials there is a music bed used as background music to the ad. This music bed can be used to brand and set your business apart from the competition as well. Using the same music on all your ads allows the consumer when they hear that music to identify right away that that ad is for your business. By the same token you can also set your commercial apart by not using any music at all. If you have the voice for it voicing your own ads can accomplish the goal of setting your commercial apart and it allows the consumer to feel like they know you as a local business owner and that can be priceless! In the words of Jefferey Gitomer “people don’t want to be sold they want to buy and they want to buy from their friends.” By letting the consumer feel like the know you, you can become that friend! Then remember to keep your ad fresh. This can be done by having multiple ads that run so the consumer isn’t hearing the same one over and over again. Or by doing short runs with your ad. If you are going the short run with just one ad route I suggest you change the ad up every 3 months otherwise it gets stale.4- Include an offer in your ad. This can be a double-edged sword for many business because most businesses fall prey to trying to use an offer that is just not worth the consumer remembering. There was a time with a 10% discount was a big thing. But in this world of 10% military, student and senior citizen discounts 10% doesn’t really mean anything anymore. However, an ad that offers 20 -30% off can be very effective. Offering a free upgrade or an added accessory at no cost to the consumer can work as well. If you are running ads in multiple mediums it can also help you to track where your marketing dollars are working best for you if you have different substantial offer running in each medium. Just make sure you are prepared to follow through with the offer for every customer that responds. The last thing you want is for your first impression on a new customer to be that you advertised falsely in your ad.5- Find a marketing specialist in your area that really understands advertising and is creative in the way they look at advertising for your business. Let them help you create an ad that will set your business apart from the competition. But don’t just settle for the first advertising executive that walks through your doors. Interview several and find one that genuinely cares about local businesses and your business specifically. You will be able to tell whether they really care or if they are just trying to make a sale. Then once you find the right one, treat them as you would a valued employee, an essential part of your business and always communicate with them and pay your bill on time! They can offer you additional tips on ways to be creative with your marketing.For the best results with your marketing try to combine several of these tips in your next ad and see the difference for yourself.Being creative with your marketing is essential in this world of media and distractions. By making your ads stand out from the crowd you will also be getting the most out of your advertising dollars.

High-Impact Creative Internet Marketing

With all of the marketing methods used by internet business owners, it takes creative internet marketing to really grab the attention of potential customers. Creative methods of internet marketing can be implemented by anyone with an internet business. It doesn’t take special skills to use many of the creative internet marketing methods available to internet business owners. All it takes are creative ideas and the desire to run a successful internet business.Newsletters are a creative way to reach potential customers. Those who write their own daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters afford themselves the opportunity to include links to their business websites and individual products they have for sale. The problem is, there are literally thousands of internet newsletters available for those seeking online information.What can an internet business owner do to make their newsletter more creative and more worthwhile than the average internet newsletter? One of the keys to creative internet marketing is through creative newsletter authoring. Internet business owners who author a newsletter should offer newsletter subscribers something no one else is offering. Internet business owners should consider offering a weekly or monthly prize to a random subscriber. This creative endeavor could bring in a sizeable number of newsletter subscribers who will then in turn find the internet business links.Newsletter authors looking for creative internet marketing solutions can also provide information no one else provides. For instance, if an internet business involves toys, internet business owners should consider authoring a newsletter with valuable information for parents. Offer newsletter subscriptions for particular age groups that assist parents with difficult questions and matters of parenting. Newsletter authors should make their information more interesting and more valuable than any other information on the internet. This creative marketing endeavor could pay off considerably.Creative internet marketing can also be obtained through internet contests. There are scores of people who enter internet contests, and if internet business owners offer internet contests they could bring a sizeable amount of traffic to their business websites. It isn’t necessary to offer an expensive prize that will break the bank. Internet businesses can offer low-cost prizes that best represent their internet businesses. For instance, if an internet business owner operates an internet fishing store, they should consider giving away a fishing lure or two. Creative internet marketing through internet contests can bring in tons of traffic, even with the smallest of prizes. A five or ten-dollar prize could bring in hundreds or even thousands of potential customers.After deciding on creative marketing through an internet contest, the internet contest must be marketed as well. Contest marketing is extremely easy. Internet business owners can post messages on every contest message board they can find. Within minutes of posting, eager contest entrants begin visiting websites and submitting their entries. Contests are one of the most creative and clever ways of internet marketing. The price of a small prize could bring more traffic than internet businesses could ever imagine.

Meditate Your Way to Business Success

Princeton University defines meditation as “continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature; the habit of meditation is the basis for all real knowledge.”It’s all about calming the mind to allow for greater inner perspective.The problem with meditation is that most people think of it as “sitting on a rock and humming OM for an hour.”In fact, meditation can be dynamic, moving, energetic and calming, all at the same time.Here are 4 examples of excellent meditative exercises1. Take a walk of about 1 to 2 miles. Go by yourself and don’t think about the walk or your day- to-day activities. Instead:* Notice your surroundings* Think about how you feel as you walk. What is your body doing? How does that affect you?* Focus on how you are breathing. Is it smooth or kind of jerky and irregular? What happens if you breathe really deeply while you’re walking?* Take a moment to appreciate anything beautiful you pass by. What do you see? How does that make you feel?You are now meditating. You are calm, focusing on things you have never noticed before and appreciating the moment.Please note the words “appreciating the moment.” It means living right NOW and not in a past that already happened or a future that is yet to come. This is your goal when meditating.2. Go play a round of golf. My personal favorite mediation exercise is golf. Oddly enough, golf is one of the best exercises you can do to expand and develop your creative mind potential.Just learn to think differently. Instead of worrying about how you’re going to play, notice your surroundings instead.Look at everything as if you were going to paint or photograph it. See the details of highlight and shadows. Notice the beauty of the garden you’re playing in. Bend down and notice a single blade of grass; realizing that it is life in and of itself.Don’t think about your swing. Just step up, relaxed, not worried about how you look and let it all go. Anytime the rational mind is out of the picture and feelings replace them you will hit much better shots.Between shots, don’t think about the shot that was or that shot that is coming. Spend time between shots enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Really notice the beauty that is all around you. Realize that the next time you step up to the ball, the potential exists for something exceptional to occur.Before, during and after the round don’t tell yourself stories about how, why, what you are doing or wish you did.Just enjoy every moment. Remember, every hole (just like every day in your life) holds the potential of a fresh new start.3. Go out and take a few pictures. Noticing beautiful things all around you is also an excellent meditation. Go outside, somewhere you consider beautiful and bring your camera. Any kind of camera will do.Don’t think about anything except your surroundings. Breathe the air; notice how you feel in the beautiful outdoors. When you see something (anything) that catches your attention, go over to it for a closer look.Notice how light and shadows interplay. Focus on what you notice when you look at an object. Take a photo of what you actually see, not the entire scene.Again, noticing what is REALLY happening around you right NOW is the key to successful meditation.4. Begin your day by looking at your true goals in life. Write them down and read then aloud. Take 2 or 3 minutes to understand what achieving this goal will feel like to you.Then write down ACTION steps you can accomplish today, which will take you one step closer to that goal.Get used to experiencing NOW. As you get used to this idea, before starting your meditative activity, think about a challenge you want to solve or a new idea you want to create.Write down what you want to gain perspective on, contemplate it for a moment, then set it aside and start the activity. Follow the steps outlined above.As you notice your experience of RIGHT NOW, the answer to solve challenges or new inspiration will surface, seemingly out of nowhere.The quiet, relaxed mind, focusing on right NOW inspires you to new heights in creative thinking.New heights in creative thinking lead to exceptional ideas coming to the forefront; giving you a distinct competitive edge in both business and life.Take This ACTION Step 1. Go for a walk. Follow the advice in example 1.2. Play golf. with focus and purpose instead of apprehension of impending doom. Follow the advice in example 2.3. Take photographs in a beautiful place. Notice your surroundings. Open your awareness and then bring that back to your daily life in business. Paying attention to every moment, not worrying about a past or future is meditation at it’s finest. See article 3 for ideas.4. Begin your day looking at your true goals and passions in life. What can you do today to move one small step closer to them?Relaxing, opening your awareness to right NOW and focusing are the core principals of meditation. When that relaxed state of mind focuses on the talent and value you provide to other people amazing new ideas arise.