Home Business Marketing With Social Media

Home businesses thrive in the online world. You really can’t afford to ignore the literally millions of potential customers your home business can get online.But that’s quite obvious. What isn’t so obvious is marketing your home business with social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs. Here are 5 crucial reasons to market your home business with social media.Facebook #1
Estimates vary on the size of Facebook, but this social networking site may be the king for the next few years, especially in comparison to the slowing MySpace. MySpace is excellent, with hundreds of millions of subscribers, but if you had to choose between marketing your home business on Facebook or MySpace, your best bet is Facebook. You have 400 million subscribers and growing.Twitter Growing:
Twitter is not nearly as big as Facebook or MySpace, but it’s growing exponentially. It’s now well over 30 million active users, and the rates of growth are high. You only get a sentence or two to market, but Twitter marketing and Tweep Searches make finding new prospects relatively easy.Network as a Freelancer
If you’re a freelancer, networking on sites like LinkedIn can create new jobs for you. More and more freelancers are running successful home businesses using social networks to find new clients. Since so many businesses use social media to find contractors, it makes sense to focus your attention on creating unique Facebook pages and getting friends on Twitter.Marketing for Free
Social networking isn’t always free, but really the basic home business only loses time when marketing. There are many free marketing tools on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Creating an account on most social networks is free of charge.Only a Billion Hits a Day – Remember YouTube
YouTube wasn’t mentioned, but this monster deserves some attention.. A recent statistic estimated there are 1 billion hits every single day on YouTube. Some creative businesses are setting up trailers for new products. Novelists are hiring book trailer experts to get an edge on the competition. And home businesses are using how-to videos to show expertise in their industry. You can too.